What we do.

What we do.

Welcome to FitBites Where We Fuel and Recover the Natural Way


People love to talk about 'back in the day', when food was real food, and kids played outside. We think that good, natural food still exists and that kids will always be kids – we just happen to make things that taste good and do good.


If you're new to FitBites, welcome! We started making our products in 2014 because of a love for fitness and for healthy, natural foods. We decided early on that we wanted to help out active children's programmes, too, since we think that getting kids involved in sports is really important for the health of generations to come.


That's why we donate 10% of our profits to charities and programmes that support this idea – whether for health, social or educational reasons.


So what do we make?

FitBites are really simple. They're made from fruits, nuts, seeds and some really special ingredients often referred to as 'superfoods'. We don't include these superfoods because they're trendy, though. We include them because we want to pack as much useful nutrition into our condensed little balls of energy as possible.



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